Looking to remove surface algae, mould, and other streak discolourations from your walls, roofs, window frames, tarmac, decking paths, drives, patios, and conservatories? Softwash Solutions can help!

SoftWash Solutions is an ever-growing network of the best soft wash service providers in Ireland and throughout the UK. We will put you in touch with trustworthy, professional property soft washers who are known for their dependability, efficiency, and high-quality work practices for the treatment of exterior surfaces. Our applicators are also Biocide and COSHH Trained.

Harsh chemicals and power washing techniques are known to be damaging and fast becoming out-dated. Our aim is to give homeowners in the UK and Ireland chances at increasing exterior appeal of their properties by employing the delicate, yet powerful approach of soft wash professionals. We would trade instant gratification for safer, legal and longer lasting results, and this is what sets us apart.

Before/After Biofilm Combination

Before/After Red Algae

Before/After Black Mould/Fungi

Constant exposure to weather and the cocktail of atmospheric moulds, lichen, algae, and fungi, tend to leave buildings looking dull with discolourations, which if left untreated will compromise the structural integrity and crumble the building with time. Deep-running roots from these growths, for one, can deteriorate wall renders and heavy biofilms tend to weaken roof tiles.

Our soft washers make use of unique blends of environmentally friendly detergents, algae neutralizers, and surfactants to clean and restore home exteriors, and have had a consistent track record in the cleaning of modern Renders, Pebbledash Dry Dash, Vinyl Sidings, Concrete and Slate Roof tiles, Pavings, Deckings, and Tarmacs.

Before now, High-Pressure Power washing, also known as Jet washing, had been the prevalent method for exterior cleaning. The approach gives instantly visible results but not without serious shortcomings, which necessitated the quest for a safer, more efficient and effective means.

Jet washing leaves conditions for potential regrowth because it relies on high-pressure to dislodge biofilms, incapable of killing and completely eradicating the streaks. Also, spores displaced into the air during the process of pressure washing can settle later to restart growth, even spreading to surrounding surfaces. Furthermore, power washing can blast renders and flake-off paint, overall causing damage to the exteriors they are intended to make better.

SoftWash Solutions contractors utilise simple chemistry to target dirt and biofilms, giving a much reliable result while leaving surfaces and surroundings undisturbed. The sophisticated germicidal and low-pressure Softwashing process kills and dislodges algae, moulds, moss, and fungi, leaving a super clean and heavily sanitised surface, deter of any sought of spores.

Our Biocide is government approved, environment-friendly, has neutral pH once dry and is biodegradable with a low environmental footprint, so the safety of your pets and children is assured to a large extent.

Our contractors you will find on the SoftWash Solutions Database are all verified Biocide and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Trained with experience in the unaggressive and longer lasting methods of cleaning algae, fungi, and lichen from all exterior surfaces.

***We do not recommend using industrial strength bleach (sodium hypochlorite) as cleaning agents. Use of such products is Illegal and does not give lasting results. ***

Value for Money

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Lasting results

Our Biocide eradicates the source of the organism, while substantially decreasing the chances of the biofilm to return.

Dynamic and comprehensive service

Softwash Solutions offers a range of cleaning services, covering both domestic and commercial.


We provide a reliable services of a consistently high-quality while remaining flexible and sensitive to the unique requirements of the customer and the job.

Low Environmental Footprint

Making our product environmentally-friendly was our target from the offset. Our Biocide treats the offending organisms while maintaining a PH Neutral solution once it has dried.

Soft on Surfaces, Hard on Mould

Our low-pressure application process is designed to avoid unintended damage of surfaces or property.

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